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PROINCAR, S.L. has 170 m² of offices on two floors, where the different departments that make up our organizational structure are located.

In our Technical Office general and detailed plans are developed to manufacture equipment. A breakdown of all the parts and a list of materials are created to make it easier for our purchasing and provisioning department to stock them.

oficina caldereria industrial
  • General Management
    General management sets the guidelines for set up and development of projects based on the customer’s specifications.
  • Financial Department
    The financial department is responsible for monitoring the company’s financial situation and keeping up to date on payments and collections. It uses a variety of methods to chart the company’s financial health.
  • Sales Department
    The sales department first seeks out potential customers, makes initial contact and assesses the possibility of establishing a relationship with them. It is also in charge of tracking the bids submitted.
  • Quality Department
    The quality department monitors all the work in progress and inspects and controls all the equipment. In accordance with current regulations, every resource is provided so that our employees have suitable protection and safety while carrying out their respective duties.
  • Purchasing Department
    The purchasing department is in charge of buying all the materials needed to manufacture the equipment. Its task is to establish business relationships with suppliers that are of mutual benefit.
  • Production Department
    The workshop’s staff is divided into different work groups to improve performance during the production of our equipment. The workshop manager is the person who takes care of the creation of those groups and is also the direct contact between the workshop and general management.
  • Engineering Department
    This department draws up the general and detailed drawings for manufacturing the equipment and the breakdown of the parts and list of materials. They supervise the equipment in the workshop to see that it meets the requirements and specifications of the data sheets and drawings provided by the customer.
  • Proincar S.L. is equipped with the following facilities for industrial boiler development: an office building and 3 industrial workshops. These workshops are separated according to structural needs and the quality of the materials to be used in the construction. Workshop 1 is the main workshop of the 3.

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