Workshop 1

Proincar’s Workshop 1

nave 1 caldereria industrial

Workshop 1 has 1800 m² indoors and a 1200 m² yard. It is 78 m long and 28 m wide. It also includes our 300 m2 blasting and painting area. Inside the workshop there is a lifting capacity of 50 mT, distributed between two 20 mT cranes and one 10 mT crane, with a 7.5 m vertical clearance at the hook.

Since PROINCAR’S foundation it has been the original workshop. In this workshop metal and heavier general equipment made of carbon steel fabrication takes place. It is in here also where the superficial treatment of our equipment is carried out (sandblasting and painting).

There is a 20 Tn semi-gantry crane that covers the entire 80 m length of the workshop In the yard,. The height at the hook is 9 m, what allows us to manage correctly the disposal of materials needed in the fabrication process, stock up the finished equipment, and to assembly the equipment in case is required for our customer


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