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For our boiling work, we have 3 workshops and 1 office located in different areas.

oficina instalaciones proincarOffices

PROINCAR, S.L. has 170m² of offices divided in two floors, where the departments that make up our organizational structure are located. Our departments might be classified in:

  • General Management: General Management sets the yearly goals of the company, supervises the development of the projects and focuses on the long-term grow of the company.
  • Financial Department: This department is responsible for monitoring the company’s financial situation, keeping up to date payments and collections. It uses a variety of methods in order to chart the company’s financial health.
  • Sales Department: The sales department seeks for potential customers, makes initial contact with them, meets with them and assesses the possibility of establishing a relation with them. It is also in track of preparing quotations and doing the follow-up.
  • Quality Department: This department monitors all the work in progress, inspects and controls all the equipment under production. Based on the internal quality dossier and regulations, all of our resources are provided in order to prevent our employees from injuries.
  • Purchasing Department: The purchasing department is in charge of buying all the materials that are needed in order to manufacture the equipment. Its task is to establish business relationships with suppliers that are of mutual benefit.
  • Production Department: Workshop’s stuff is divided into different work groups for a better management during the production of our equipment. The workshop manager is the person who creates those groups and he is also the point of contact between workshop and general management.
  • Engineering Department: This department is in charge for developing general and detailed drawings for manufacturing equipment. They create the bill of materials after doing the material breakdown of the equipment.

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nave1 instalaciones proincarWorkshop 1

Workshop 1 has 1800m2 indoors and a 1200m2 yard. It is 78m long and 28m wide. It also includes our 300m2 of blasting and painting area. Inside the workshop, there is lifting capacity of 50mT, distributed between two 20mT cranes and one 10mT crane, with a 7.5m vertical clearance to the hook.

Since PROINCAR’s foundation, it has been the original workshop. In this workshop metal and heavier general equipment made of carbon steel fabrication takes place.

A 20mT semi-granty crane covers the entire 80m length of the workshop in the yard. The height at the hook is 9m, what allows us to manage correctly the disposal of materials needed in the  abrication process, stock up the finished equipment, and to assembly the equipment is case that is a requirement from our customer.

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nave2 instalaciones proincarWorkshop 2

Workshop 2 was bought in 2008 in order to increase the production capacity of our company. In this workshop, we mainly manufacture stainless steel equipment such as air-coolers, heat exchangers, etc.

The workshop has 1200m2 indoors and 800m2 outdoors. The size of this facility is 50m length and 24m wide. The loading capacity inside the workshop is 25mT, divided in two 12.5mT cranes.  The clearance to the hook in this workshop is 7m.

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nave 3 caldereria industrialWorkshop 3

Workshop 3 was built in 2015 with the goal of fulfilling the increasing international demand of our products. This workshop has 1000m2 indoors and 1600m2 outdoors, 22m wide and 45.5m long. The clearance to the hook of this workshop is 8.5m.

Inside the workshop there are 2 cranes of 32.5mT, outside covering the entire length of the workshop there is a crane of 32.5mT. The improved capabilities of this workshop of moving heavier material permits us to manufacture larger equipment.

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Workshop 1 1.800m² 1.200m² 3.000m²
Workshop 2 1.200m² 800m² 2.000m²
Workshop 3 1.000m² 2.000m² 3.000m²
Total 4.000m² 4.000m² 8.000m²

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