Our Facilities

For our boiling work, we have 3 workshops and 1 office located in different areas.
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PROINCAR, S.L. has 170m² of offices divided in two floors, where the departments that make up our organizational structure are located.

nave 1 caldereria industrial

Workshop 1

Since PROINCAR’s foundation, it has been the original workshop. In this workshop metal and heavier general equipment made of carbon steel fabrication takes place

nave 2 caldereria industrial

Workshop 2

Workshop 2 was bought in 2008 in order to increase the production capacity of our company.

nave 3 caldereria industrial

Workshop 3

Workshop 3 was built in 2015 with the goal of fulfilling the increasing international demand of our products

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Workshop 1 1.800m² 1.200m² 3.000m²
Workshop 2 1.200m² 800m² 2.000m²
Workshop 3 1.000m² 2.000m² 3.000m²
Total 4.000m² 4.000m² 8.000m²

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